Creating an Email

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SESMailer offers easy to use interface to compose personalized emails in either rich or plain text formats.


Following edit modes are available under Format menu:


Plain text

Rich text (HTML WYSIWYG)

Rich text (HTML Source)

Plain and Rich (HTML) text


Note, although the SESMailer allows to author messages in different formats, it's not possible to switch between them once there's some content. Therefore it's advisable to choose a message format in the beginning. If you want to switch over to another format, clear the message area first.


Editing an Email


Plain text mode allows creating simple messages without formatting.


Rich text (HTML Source) mode gives you full control over your message with all power of HTML markup language.


Rich text (HTML WYSIWYG) or Plain and Rich (HTML) text modes provide direct access to all parts of a message. Use the following simple tools to format text, add tables or images.



Font style and size


Font decoration


Paragraph alignment


Numbered and bullet list


Move paragraph left and right


Font color and background fill color


Insert table, picture and hyperlink


Insert attachment




Personalization is a very important part of email marketing. SESMailer allows addressing recipients by name and adding unlimited number of custom fields to email messages. To add a field click on Insert Field drop down menu from the toolbar and choose a field you want to insert.




SESMailer adds fields as tokens in the message body. Then it will replace them with recipients name, second name, address or any other data represented in contacts info.


Previewing a Message


If you want to check how your message is going to look like click Message Preview button. Selecting a recipient first shows how message will be created for a particular recipient.