Working with SESMailer

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Quick Start


1.We assume you have already downloaded and installed SESMailer.

2.Subscribe to Amazon SES Service. Subscription is free. You pay only for sent messages. Pricing is very low in comparison to all online mail delivery services.

3.Request production access. It may take some time before Amazon approves your application (minutes to hours). Meanwhile you can start creating your campaign.

4.Start SESMailer. On first run SESMailer will start a Wizard, which will guide you through the process. There are several steps involved in campaign:

"From" address verification

Adding recipients

Composing the message

Sending it

5.Enter some test recipients and messages and send them through SESMailer (Production access is needed at this point).


SESMailer Interface


Below is the main SESMailer window overview:




1. Main menu gives access to all SESMailer features.

2. Toolbar provides quick access to the main commands.

3. Recipients list gives overview of recipients.

4. Email message section represents a message editor.

5. Status bar shows status of current mail campaign.