Sending a Mass Mail

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When you finish composing a message you can start sending it out. Press on Send button (envelop icon at the top-right corner) on the toolbar and the process should begin. Normally just pressing the Send button is all you need to do, SESMailer handles the rest of the sending process automatically according to the default settings. However, in some cases users might want to get more manual control over the process. The following examples will demonstrate what kind of changes can be made and what to expect from them.


The Sending Quota


Number of emails that SESMailer can send out depends on the current user quota allowed by Amazon SES account. Initially each new Amazon SES account has 1,000 mesages/day and 1 message/second limits. These limits will grow exponentially, if you use the limit fully for several days. For example, send 999 quality emails per day for 3 days and your quota will grow to 2,000-10,000 messages/day and 10 messages/second.


SESMailer automatically helps you grow your quota. If you need to send 2,000 messages, SESMailer will smartly send as much as allowed by Amazon and queue the rest, so that you could continue sending them the next day. This way you use your limit up to the maximum and Amazon will raise it quickly, within days.


You can check your current account quota under Action -> Quota Info or press on Quota Info button on the toolbar.


Sending Messages in Several Threads


Sending out a large number of messages can take up some of time. Fortunately SESMailer has a built in feature to boost up this process. It is capable of sending messages in several threads at a time. In other words there's always a number of threads working in the background and each single thread is responsible for a single email message. Once a thread has finished with the message it starts sending another one down the list. This greatly speeds up a sending process. The number of available threads is limited by current Amazon SES account quota. SESMailer automatically detects the number of available threads and uses them at their maximum potential. As soon as the user reaches his maximum quota, the sending process might take a considerable part of your network capacity. If this is a problem, the number of used threads can always be limited manually in Tools -> Maximum threads number.




Proxy Server


If you with to work through a proxy server, enable it under Tools -> Proxy Settings and enter the proxy server's address and port numbers.