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Email marketing software - SES Mailer

SESMailer serves as an ideal email marketing software. SESMailer software will match your email marketing needs by providing all features needed for a successful marketing campaign.

First, SESMailer application will help you kick start your email marketing campaign by providing intuitive wizard.

Second, SESMailer will compose and send individual message to each of your email marketing campaign recipients. The email can contain unlimited number of custom fields. SESMailer's built-in WYSIWYG email editor can be used to compose personalized HTML email marketing messages, as well as plain text messages.

Third, SESMailer software will allow you to see the number of bounced and rejected email during your email marketing campaign.

Importantly, SESMailer uses Amazon Simple Email Service server instead of your own SMTP server, which allows to avoid multiple SMTP limitations. Amazon SES is a robustly built system built for high email deliverability and ideally suits email marketing software, such as SESMailer.

SESMailer is a Windows software that will keep your email marketing database on your computer only, thus ensuring the privacy of your email marketing clients.

Windows Compatible

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